Purpose of Establishment

The PYBA, Inc. was established for the following purposes:

  • To promote and encourage the highest quality and professionalism in the practice of law in the Pascua Yaqui Courts;
  • To insure the competence of such practitioners and their scrupulous adherence to the ethical standards of the Pascua Yaqui Courts and the Pascua Yaqui Bar Association, Inc.;
  • To encourage and assist in the establishment of comprehensive training programs for persons desiring to practice in the Pascua Yaqui Courts and to insure the maintenance of high standards for such training;
  • To advise on and assist in the recruitment and selection of the most able practitioners to serve as judges in the Pascua Yaqui Courts;
  • To advise the Courts on rule changes and other measures which would improve the administration of justice in the Pascua Yaqui Court system; and
  • To recommend to the Pascua Yaqui Courts legislation which would enhance and improve the Pascua Yaqui Judicial Branch and the ability of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe to effectively and fairly govern those within its jurisdiction.